Friday, October 1

Sing Praise to the LORD

There is nothing like worshipping the LORD corporately with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Just when I have come to choir practice feeling like its been a long day, by the time I leave, I have been so enveloped in praise I don't want to go home. It is to me what heaven must be like.
There is such a camaraderie among the brothers and sisters in our choir.
Tonight we had an extra practice for the fall worship time we lead on one Sunday night every fall. Our church comes together corporately for an hour to worship God through music. I look forward to it every year.
There is nothing like it!
There is nothing like it!
Yes, it's that good and I cannot express the passion I feel about singing in choir to Jesus in this little cyber post. You have to be there to truly experience it.

I still remember when I really began enjoying choir for the first time. I was eight years old and Ms. Jo Ann was my children's choir director. She had the best voice. She could out-sing Pavorati (don't know how to spell his name and I am not going to look it up!) any ole day. Really. I would just stare at her and think, "How does her voice go that high? that long?" But there was one thing that came through as she sang....passion. Passion for God. Passion for Music. She had my attention. At the time it was just children's choir to me. Today its my passion. I am so thankful God has given me a passion for music. A passion for HIM.

Tonight I was singing and contemplating these words in one of the songs:
"Living He loved me, dying he saved me, buried he carried my sins far away. Rising he justified, freely forever, Someday he's coming, oh glorious day...oh glorious day..."
Glorious day indeed. Beautiful glorious day.

Standing in the choir risers, my brain began to visually turn the pages of the bible and they seemed to come to life as I meditated on the words. I recalled Jesus' life. How He loved others. I then thought about the cross, the place where He took my place so that I could never know the sting of death. The tomb, where Joseph of Arimathea placed his body. The women who came to the tomb only to find it empty. The hope of his coming back again. All of this was racing through my head as I sang this chorus.

Being a part of choir fans the flame of my personal worship. As I obediently come to worship Christ and place all my thoughts upon Him, He honors that obedience every time. I can't truly explain it. Its just something I know.

(I did not take this picture.) Our Praise 150 last year.
 I pray friends you are involved in your church somehow serving the LORD with everything you have. You will recieve a blessing. This I know. Serving God is the ONLY thing that will last.
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  1. I love being apart! It was great to see you that night! Love ya!


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