Saturday, October 2

I Can't Believe its Fall!

The LORD said in Isaiah 45:12, "I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens,and I commanded all their host." (ESV)

Last week at the park, it was evident fall had clearly arrived.  Where had I been?
I knew my calendar had welcomed in the new season but for some reason it kind of creeped up on me. But this day, I soaked it up like I was a eight years old again. (SO fun!) This was one of those days when you just needed to leave the dishes in the sink, turn off the computer and gallop out into the great outdoors. And that is exactly what my son and I did.
The older I get, the more I LOVE this time of year.  

I investigated the playground for further signs of fall. They were everywhere.

The pod of a mimosa tree

Leaves changing colors
 So all this fall stuff got me thinking about enjoying a new season and savoring each moment. The problem is that sometimes I get so busy I don't plan to make time to enjoy the season I'm in. Anyone no what I'm talking about? As I played with my son and enjoyed God's creation all I could say was, "Thank you God for Fall." I kept meditating on God as Creator while the wind blew through my hair and the trees swayed in the breeze. God's very own hands made each season and I am the beneficiary of His creation. (That is an overwhelming thought for me!) Oh God, please forgive me when I fail to notice all the wonderful things you provide for my enjoyment all around me.

So to embrace the moment and remember the thought I had, I got to painting.

Back to the studio I went........AND..........

captured my thought on canvas.

The end result?

Where did I want to hang it?

In my foyer where every guest would come in. I want them to also take a moment and thank God for the wonderful season of fall. Everything about it we love, God created it. By His very own hands.
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