Tuesday, October 19

Should Christians Practice Yoga

This article is posted on Crosswalk.com. Simply click on the title "Should Christians Practice Yoga?" above in the heading and it will take you right to the article. It is written by Dr. Albert Mohler in his response to the emails he received from his blog post "Should Christians Practice Yoga?" on his blog http://www.albertmohler.com/. I believe Dr. Mohler asks the right questions and seeks to think biblically in regards to the truth about the deep roots of yoga. Quite frankly, I had not thought much about yoga before. I have not practiced it but anytime I hear someone talk about it they always tell me it is a great exercise.
Go to the article and read it. Tell me what you think about what Dr. Mohler has to say.
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  1. I like Mohler's blog, and sometimes I think he just posts things to stir things up a bit. Which is good but should be seen for what it is.

    Most of this is a semantic. It seems to me there are two types of yoga: the spiritual kind and the physical fitness kind.

    The spiritual kind is clearly not acceptable for a Christian. The physical fitness kind is fine.

    Mohler does take issue even with meditation and concentration, but I don't agree with those. Such things are part of even moderately serious physical training routine where you're pushing your capabilities and are benign in nature. Artists, programmers, musicians, etc. often speak of getting "in the zone" of creativity, etc. Is this witchcraft? Of course not.

    Scripturally, I think this falls under the 1 Corinthians 8, and Titus 1 categories.

  2. Linked here from Stephanie's blog.

    Linked and read the article on yoga and the one he wrote in response to that one. Both were very good. I think he makes very good points. If we rely on yoga for our relationship with God, then what happens to Jesus? What about honoring him as Lord, obedience, repentance, consecrated living? Who do we put our faith in? I think you are right about 1 Cor. 8 and Titus 1.

    Good post, and thanks for linking us to this article. wb

  3. Thank you Mike and Warren for your comments! I do think that replacing Yoga for our relationship with the LORD is dangerous. Think about the people who have backslidden and are not active in a church fellowship or reading God's word. I can see how they could fall into the spiritual practice of yoga if not careful. I always think it is a good thing to find out all you can about something and bring it back to the authority of God's word before proceeding. The bible says the heart is deceptive above all things, including how we look and participate in things. That's why we must guard it. Guarding it is asking questions about a subject, praying over it, and seeking God's word for answers.


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