Tuesday, October 5

A Mother's Apron Strings

Every Tuesday morning my little one and I are off to the races. The race to the carpool line that is. Our favorite thing to look for every morning is to see if there's a train beneath us as we drive over the tracks.
I find myself looking for the train on my drive home after I have dropped him off. When in my life have I ever looked in anticipation for a train? It is such a delight for him to look for one every time we drive across.

This year has been difficult for me to watch my son hop out of the car in the carpool line and say, "bye momma!" Off he goes into school and I don't know what he says or what he does. All I see is his coming and going. I understand the carpool line is the easiest way to get the little ones into the building, but it leaves me as a mother feeling so empty as I see him walk off. I used to walk him in and he would run and hug me before I left. Upon my arrival he would yell my name and come running as fast as he could and jump up into my arms. I guess this is a first of many strings that have to come unattached, right? I know more will come. But I so wish I could capture this moment in time when he and I enjoy our time together. It is as if there is no one else in the world but us two as we play and talk.

So this is just my rambling about my dealings with letting go of the apron strings of motherhood. I know God will help me as more have to come unattached. But for now, I will enjoy the ones I have left and will surrender them to God one by one as them come.
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  1. Just look at it this way. You are sharing your joy in Sam with others. You know that anyone he comes in contact with, he makes them laugh. I say this from first hand experience. Thanks for sharing him in Polliwog on Sunday's


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