Monday, October 18

30 Quotes from Oswald #7

Good TUESDAY morning friends! I pray you are drawing near to our LORD today. There is no better place to be than by His precious side. That is exactly where He wants us to be...seeking Him first in our daily life. I share this quote from Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest Journal April 18th published by Barbour and Company. It's about being ready.

"We are so busy telling God where we would like to go.  We wait for the idea of some great opportunity, something sensational, and when it comes we are quick to cry-"Here am I."Readiness for God means that we are ready to do the tiniest little thing of the great big thing, it makes no difference. We have no choice in what we want to do, whatever God's program may be we are there, ready."                Oswald Chambers
The greatest thing we can do each day is to be ready to be used by God wherever and whenever.Is it even a thought in your day? Let it be the main focus of each day. Be it helping a neighbor, praying for a co-worker, teaching a bible study, sitting with a sick family member, or teaching your child about the Bible all are important to God. It's so easy to look for the next big thing. That's how the world operates, but that is not how God operates. Whether the task is big or small, it makes no difference to Him. Each task accomplishes His purpose. Are you ready to be a part of God's program whatever the task?
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  1. Another good post. I've been spending time thinking of 1 Sam. 12:23 now. Realizing this "little thing" of prayer is really a big thing to God. To fail to pray for another can be to sin against God. Often times we learn that the little things really are big things!


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