Saturday, October 9

I love Sundays! They are a time for me to meet with my church family, serve God, and come ready to listen closely as I study God's word corporately. My favorite thing about the morning is Sunday School. Why? Because it's where I live life with other believers and connect with them in the life stage I am currently in. During discussion time after the lesson has been taught we discuss the passage, ask questions and listen to each other. I always hear something I can apply from my brothers and sisters in Christ as they share what God has shown them about a passage. That is why it is so good to come together through Sunday School.

I posted a picture of the bible above because I want you to encourage you wherever you are to open it today and come ready to hear God speak. Come ready to listen. Come confessing your sin. He is a holy God. Come ready to praise His name. He is worthy of our praise. Come ready to be still. Make time to be away from distractions.

That is what I will be doing today!

"For the Lord is great and greatly to be praised." Psalm 96:4
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