Tuesday, October 12

Letting Go

Good Tuesday morning friends! I've started back the quotes from Oswald Chambers! This one comes from the April 12th page of My Utmost for His Highest Journal published by Barbour and Company.
"The weakest saint can experience the power of the Deity of the Son of God if once he is willing to "let go." Any strand of our own energy will blur the life of Jesus. We have to keep letting go and slowly and surely the great full life of God will invade us in every part, and men will take knowledge of us that we have been with Jesus."

Each day is a day of "letting go" of ourselves and grabbing hold of Jesus Christ. That is what we should be thinking. But letting go is probably the one thing we humans don't like to do. We like to hold on to old clothes, old pictures, keepsakes of our children....the list goes on. We are creatures who love to not let go. But letting go is simply a daily process of letting God take control of our lives. The more we try to take control of life, the less we take hold of Jesus. "Letting go" is a daily dying to ourselves and saying 'yes' to God. I love the how Oswald says, "Any strand of our own energy will BLUR the life of Jesus." Think of a strand of hair. It's not big at all. Even a little effort to handle life on our own with no thought of Jesus blurs him from being seen in our life. Approach today and say, "God, I am letting go of my life and letting you have your way." Are you willing to let go?
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