Sunday, June 6

Serving God

Hey friends! This week is Vacation Bible School at my church. YAY! I admit I'm out of my comfort zone. I have more experience teaching adults than children. But I know God will equip me as I have prepared. Something I've learned through the years is when I say 'yes' to God, He stretches me and I end up learning new things about Him and His word....and about His people. He places me in the path of people I didn't know in the body of Christ. What a blessing!
The theme this year is a western theme. Here is my fireplace. The inside of our room looks like a ranch house. Use black paper and cut out gray shapes of construction paper and tape onto the paper.
This is a pop of color over our teaching desk. Use popsicle sticks and glue to paper.

This is supposed to be pots and pans, but it might look like lights.....oh well, it adds something to the wall! Use scrap fabric for a lamp.

Be willing to let God stretch your heart by serving in a new area. You will be glad you did!

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