Monday, June 7

Manna Mondays- 23 weeks and counting

To be personally known by God....Wow!
That's something to treasure this week!

Psalm 139:2 brings joy to my heart every time I read it. It will bring joy to your heart too as you think about it and memorize it this week. God understands us like no one else. Thank you GOD! Thank you!!

When we sit down in our home, in our car, at work, at a friends house, at church, at the doctor's office, at a restaurant...wherever we go. He knows where we are and what we are doing. We are never out of his sight. When we rise in in the morning to start a brand new day, God knows it. Not only does He know where we are, He understands what we are thinking at every moment of every day.(good and bad!) Who else can do that? No one. Only God. Thank you God that You know us and that we can know You!

Say the scripture aloud this week every chance you get. Treasure it. Write it down on a notecard where you can see it. Take it with you. Add today's scripture to Psalm 139:1 as you say it aloud.

Pray. Ask God to help you recall it to memory. Thank God for His word.... the word that fills your heart and brings life from the inside out!

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  1. Forgot to add this in my Manna Monday post. Share Psalm 139 with a friend and learn it together.

  2. Got up and was running behind this morning. Scripture memory has to be deliberate. If I had not had the note card with this scripture on it on my counter, it would have been easy to forget about it today. Let's hide God's word in our heart and not give up. Let's be relentless to put it to memory.


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