Wednesday, June 9

Enter with a Smile

Enter with a smile....If you were to enter our Vacation Bible School room one of the first things you would see is this precious sign posted on the doorframe. I didn't put it there, but it remains. One of the youth that helped us decorate last week was determined to make this sign and place it on our door. I am so glad he made it!

God is always teaching me lessons through the people around me- especially children and youth. So, as I envisioned my door to look a certain way, this sign was added upon it's completion. When I stood back and looked at it... I just smiled. Why? Because the youth had added a uniqueness to our door that I hadn't thought about. The message was exactly what everyone needed to be reminded of as they entered into our room every morning. The sign was not my vision for the door. It was the idea of a teen. Thank you God for reminding me of what's really important( it's not the decorations!)

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