Friday, June 25

Free Art Friday Answer

Congrats to Leslie Harper this week!
She won the painting!

Her answers were:

City of God- Psalm 46:4
Zion- Zec. 8:3 (NIV)
Faithful City- Isaiah 1:26(NIV)

Thanks to everyone who answered the question this week! It was lots of fun! All of you were correct in your answers. It was a time issue for those of you who didn't win. Just keep watching and checking in to see when the question will come up for Free Art Friday.

Okay, let's get on to sharing the names of Jerusalem. Did you know there were 70 names for Jerusalem? Some sources say 72.

Here are just a few names:

Jebus- (Josh. 18:28)

Zion-(Zech. 9:13)

City of David- (2 Sam.5:7)

Salem- (Gen. 14:18)

Ariel-(Isaiah 29:1)

City of God-(Psalm 46:4)

Holy Mountain-(Daniel 9:16,20)

City of Truth- (Zech. 8:3)

The LORD our Righteousness-(Jer. 33:16)

Jehovah- Shammah (Ezekiel 48:35)

City of the Great King (Psalm 48:2)

The Joy of the whole earth (Lam. 2:15)

The Throne of the LORD (Jer. 3:17)

City of David ( 2 Sam. 5:7)

Also, it was known by the name of all it's gates.....and many many more names.

When you read the names given to Jerusalem in the Bible, you can see it's a very special city to the LORD. One of the names I treasure is "the joy of the whole earth." Imagine gathering in the New Jerusalem and rejoicing together with the LORD one day! How wonderful that will be! Reading these names can give you a different perspective than what you see portrayed on tv about Jerusalem.

Thanks to all who have responded this week! Be looking for more trivia and don't forget to tell your friends to sign up and become a follower so they can win free art too!
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