Tuesday, June 8

The Art of a Child

Howdeeeeeeeeeeeee partner! Well, I made it through the first day of Vacation Bible School and it was so much fun! But beyond the arts, crafts, music and games, I was reminded why we were really there- to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In our class, we had a little boy ask, "Who is God?" Nothing like a question like this to turn my heart toward seeing more than just a child, but a person who doesn't know the LORD. People need the LORD. People need Jesus. All I can do is plant the seed, pray and share the gospel. God will do the rest. The bible tells us His word never returns empty (Isaiah 55:10-11). Let us not become weary or silent in sharing the gospel every day.

The Art of a Child

The theme is Coyote Canyon(western theme.. yeee-hawww!) I took a few pics of some of the children's art. Because I LOVE art, there is nothing more precious to see than the art of a child. Hope you enjoy!

Not quite sure what this was, but I liked the blue outlining of the bandana.

This bandana is blue mountains....

I think this is a barn? A Barn door?

This one was too cute.... Howdy was spelled Howde.

More later this week from our time at Vacation Bible School.

Share Jesus. Share Life.

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