Tuesday, June 29

30 Quotes from Oswald

As I said in one of my earlier posts, my favorite devtion is "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. I love it so much, I wanted to share it with you. I'm gonna share 30 of my favorites over a period of time on the blog.

Quote from January 2nd, My Utmost for His Highest:

God does not tell you what HE is going to do;
He reveals to you Who He is.

Share with me any thoughts about about this quote.
How has God revealed Himself to you?

Talk to me.

I'll share mine later.

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  1. This is a time I really want to hear from you all. Tell me what you think about this quote from Oswald Chambers.

  2. Such a good quote!! Thankyou for sharing! It's like we want God to tell us exactly what His will is, but instead He just wants us to KNOW HIM, spend time with Him and just love Him!!

  3. Yes Julie! It is so true. Whatever we are going through in life, the main thing God wants us to get through our think skulss is to know Him. His desire is for us to KNOW Him. Not just know about Him, but know Him for who He is. Know Him as comforter, provider, healer, redeemer...so much more! Let's give Him all our distractions, all our fears, anxieities and worries and TRUST HIM through whatever we are walking through!

  4. I think that everything ya'll said is right on! I would add also that The LORD wants to be known purely. He wants his kids to snuggle up next to Him and just sit with Him, lean on Him, listen to Him.. No motive! Our minds are so goal oriented and it is hard not to go to the Lord with a list, an agenda, a real request, yet, He wants us to present our requests.. But he wants to be worshipped, adored, loved on. It's in the snuggle time that we are really wrapped up in HIM, and that is how we get to KNOW Him.. I am starting to sound like a Waterdeep song..hahaha. "Oh mercy fall on me
    Like a warm blanket
    On my cold cold heart...Wash me in your love
    And hold me tight
    Like a baby
    'Ttil I have no memory
    Of ever breaking your heart" ..

    ok sorry, that is all

  5. Oh my, Dede the words to that song are awesome. I have never heard it. Thankyou for sharing! I love you both so much!!! This is so encouraging, Ashley! THANKYOU!!!!

  6. I now know what I shall get you for your birthday! Waterdeep, with 100 portraits in the "Enter the Worship Circle"
    girl, you will love it! love it.. Glad it ministered to you

  7. just found your blog Ashley!! I love it!! I love Oswald Chambers too:-) Enter the Worship Circle brings me back to some sweet memories with Jesus. Cant wait to read more on here...see y'all Sunday!

  8. Melissa, you know about Enter the worship circle? Ok, seriously, you are cool! hahaa. Anyways.. Do you have a blog or just a blog profile?


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