Monday, July 5

Winner of Free Art Friday

Congratulations to Jennifer Walker!

You all did a great job giving the correct references but the free art Friday question asked for the most EXAMPLES ALONG WITH REFERENCES, not just the most references. (go back and read the post. It asks exactly for this.) I know it also said, the "one who can give me the most correct answers wins" but it followed the phrase, "examples along with references." I was looking for someone to give me an example of where palm trees were mentioned in the bible and to cite where that example was found. You all were correct with the references. But, Jennifer told me about the example and then cited where each example was found. That is exactly what I was asking.

Thanks to all who posted.
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  1. YEAH - I am SO excited!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Please send me your e-mail address. I wanted to share a few blog secrets with you. :-)

    Looking forward to putting the new artwork in my new house (when we get one!) I'll also feature it and you on my blog when I get it.

    Love ya~


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