Thursday, July 29

Free Art Friday Question

Today is a Free Art Friday question.
                      I want to hear from you the readers! 

I am going to pick the best story from the followers who send in an answer to Joy Treasure. When I choose it, I will post it to the blog when I announce the winner Monday evening. I am greatly inspired by fellow believers as they walk with the LORD and I believe the more we can share about real life and a living for a REAL God, how much better we all will be! Be sure to post before 6am (central time )on Saturday (July 31)morning. After that, time is up.

Be looking for the Friday topic (Again, to become a follower, use google, twitter or yahoo account.)

Joy 2 U!
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  1. Ashley,
    I know that the posts for the free art are over, but I wanted to share how God has provided for jason and i anyway. When I was pregnant with Anne, I fully intented on going back to work, knowing that our financial situation called for it. God had other plans for me. He made my work place one of misery for me (not just emotionally since I didn't want to leave my baby, but really miserable as in I couldn't take it anymore). One day I called Jason in tears (before Anne was born) saying that I couldn't stand it any longer. His reply was then quit, we'll work something out. What I didn't know was that he had gone and talked to some of the senior members of our church (this was when we lived in Augusta) and they had told him, that our decision for me to stay at home full time would never make sense on paper, but that God would work out the details, we just needed to trust Him. So, two weeks before Anne was born, I quit and never looked back! I have never sold any products (such as Mary Kaye or candles or such), but God has always worked out the details, despite my person unbelief at times. Now we definitely don't live an extravagent life, but I wouldn't trade this time for anything! As a side note, our move to Birmingham when Anne was 18months old was also one that was extraordinary, but that's another story.


I love to hear from you! Thanks for talking back!!

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