Tuesday, July 13

Third Quote from Oswald

Good Tuesday morning! It's time for a quote from Oswald Chambers again.
I look forward to sharing these quotes with you every week. Today's quote is a good one! It will give you a lot to chew on!

It comes from June 5th/God's Say-So page in "My Utmost for His Highest" Journal.
Oswald talks about things that keep us from listening to God. Sometimes it's something we dread, sometimes it's our own frailty, sometimes fear. He then asks this great question.
He says:
"Are you learning to say things after listening to God, or are you saying things and trying to make God's word fit in?"

How many times do we not acknowledge what God has told us and try to add in our own thoughts, our own desires? How many times do we want to say things first and not let God's word speak first? Depending on God means we listen to Him and follow His lead. Not our own. It means when we come to Him, we let Him speak, and then we walk away letting His word become our word. When we listen to Him, we are not to quickly grab hold of fear, our own frailty, or let dread keep us from walking confidently forward with God. He is our helper and HE will help us. When we let these other things come in the way, we let go of God and take control of the situation our self.

I don't want for my word to be the first word. I want God's word to be my guide. I don't want to take the lead and let His word be an afterthought. When I do that, I am not depending on Him, but on myself and my opinions.

What about you? Has this been true in your own life?
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