Friday, July 2

Question for Free Art Friday

And the question is?..............................

Good Friday morning to everyone! It's a great day to Praise the LORD isn't it!
Give him a great big shout this morning and tell Him that you love Him! He is worthy of our praise!!!!!

Today, I am celebrating having 30 plus followers on my blog. I hit the 30 milestone this week and I am giving away a free painting to person who can give me the most examples of where palm trees are mentioned in the bible along with references. The one with the most correct answers wins! If I have two or more people who all have the correct answers, then I have to default to the person who was first to answer correctly with the most answers. On your comment box, tell me the time you log it in (at the end of your answer) so I can check it against the time blogger logs it in.

This is the painting I am giving away this week!

Go digging for treasure in God's word!
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  1. Ex. 15:27; Jdgs.1:16; Joel 1:12; Gen. 43:11, Deut 34:3, Rev. 7:9.

  2. Hey Ashley! I love your blog!
    Ex 15:27, Deut 34:3, Judges 1:16, Song of Sol 7:7, Jer 10:5, Ps 92:12, Judges 4:5, Rev 7:9, Lev 23:40, Neh 8:15, John 12:13, Joel 1:12, 1Kings 6:29, 6:32, 6:35, 2 Chron 3:5,

    Your paintings are beautiful, and your joy is contagious! So great to "see" you again!

    Anne Coon Albritton

  3. Ashley, love your artwork. Every time I'm at Shannon Kline's house, I look at the painting of the lamb you did for her nursery and just LOVE IT!

    I found a bunch!

    Exodus 15:27
    Leviticus 23:40
    Numbers 33:9
    Deuteronomy 34:3
    Judges 1:16
    Judges 3:13
    1 Kings 6:29
    1 Kings 6:32
    1 Kings 6:35
    1 Kings 7:36
    2 Chronicles 3:5
    2 Chronicles 28:15
    Nehemiah 8:15
    Psalm 92:12
    Song of Solomon 7:8
    Isaiah 9:14
    Isaiah 19:15
    Ezekiel 40:16
    Ezekiel 40:22
    Ezekiel 40:26
    Ezekiel 40:31
    Ezekiel 40:34
    Ezekiel 40:37
    Ezekiel 41:18
    Ezekiel 41:19
    Ezekiel 41:20
    Ezekiel 41:25
    Ezekiel 41:26
    Joel 1:12
    John 12:13
    Revelation 7:9

    It's 10:49 am

  4. Whoa, sorry I took up so much space. Oops!

  5. Hi Beautiful Ashley~! We are all in Batesville for the weekend and Bec told me that you have a blog. So glad to know that! Great blog!!! I saw your pretty face on my side bar and have enjoyed praying for you. And now I'll be honored to become your 36th follower. :-) Looking forward to keeping up with you this way.

    Don't know if this qualifies for your art answer or not - but here's my answer (although I can't take credit for it at all...)

    "Many places are mentioned in the Bible as having connection with palm trees; Elim, where grew three score and ten palm trees, ( Exodus 15:27 ) and Elath. ( 2:8 ) Jericho was the city of "palm trees." ( 31:3 ) Hazezon-tamar, "the felling of the palm tree," is clear in its derivation. There is also Tamar, "the palm." ( Ezekiel 47:19 ) Bethany means the "house of dates." The word Phoenicia, which occurs twice in the New Testament -- ( Acts 11:19 ; 15:3 ) --is in all probability derived from the Greek word for a palm. The, striking appearance of the tree, its uprightness and beauty, would naturally suggest the giving of Its name occasionally to women. ( Genesis 38:6 ; 2 Samuel 13:1 ; 14:27 ) There is in the Psalms, ( Psalms 92:12 ) the familiar comparison, "The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree." which suggests a world of illustration whether respect be had to the orderly and regular aspect of the tree, its fruitfulness, the perpetual greenness of its foliage, or the height at which the foliage grows, as far as possible from earth and as near as possible to heaven. Perhaps no point is more worthy of mention, we wish to pursue the comparison, than the elasticity of the fibre of the palm and its determined growth upward even when loaded with weights. The passage in ( Revelation 7:9 ) where the glorified of all nations are described as "clothed with white robes and palms in their hands," might seem to us a purely classical image; but palm branches were used by the Jews in token of victory and peace." (from Smith's Bible Dictionary) :-)


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  7. Oops...I published my comment twice - so I deleted one. :-)

  8. All you were correct in your answers. I was looking for examples along with references.That's where Jennifer nailed it. Thank you to everyone who commented on the question. Keep trying. I will have another Free Art Friday in the future. Tell your friends and family to sign up and become followers so they can have a chance to win art.
    Anne and Amanda... it has been way too long since I saw both of you. I am thrilled to have you be a part of Joy Treasure.


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