Saturday, July 10

Every Sunday, my pastor always says, "The church is not the building, it's the people."

He's right.

Church is the body of Christ. The building without the people present inside it is just a building.
The older I get, the more I treasure the body of Christ. I treasure what fellow believers have learned from God that I can glean and apply to my life. I love hearing their life stories about how God provided for them or revealed Himself to them. I love praying together and listening as the prayers rise up to heaven. I enjoy meeting fellow believers and hearing how they love Jesus and are daily becoming more like Christ. It encourages me to press on and do the same. I enjoy serving with them side by side doing kingdom work.

As you enter into your house of worship this Sunday, thank God for the body of Christ. Instead of talking about yourself at church ask a fellow member, "what's God been teaching you lately?" Listen to what they have to say. I guarantee you will be amazed at their response.

Last, if you're not participating or aren't active in a Sunday School class, I encourage you to find a place to serve and connect with other believers. That's where you get to walk through life and serve the LORD.
Sunday School is where I have truly learned that the church is not a building, but truly the people, the body of Christ. Oh, the joy I would have missed if I had not been involved in Sunday School.

Joy 2 U!
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  1. You are precious! Thankyou for loving on little Nathan and for being so sweet! Church was so good this morning! Love you, sweet friend!


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