Tuesday, May 4

Habits follow Action

One of my favorite passages in the bible is Psalm 119.
I go there continually because I am reminded of the benefits of God's word.
I know that passage will help me draw back to God. Every time I read it, God opens my eyes to new treasures in His truth. So what does it REALLY take for bible study and prayer to become a part of your daily routine? How does it happen?

The Reverend Thomas Manton was born in England in the county of Somerset in 1620. Needless to say his sermons on Psalm 119 are very old but timeless.
Upon reading the section on Psalm 119: 35, "Make me go in the path of thy commandments; for therin do I delight." Manton said this, "Direction is necessary becuase of the blindness of our minds; and the effectual impulsions of grace are necessary because of the weakness of our hearts. It will not answer our duty to have a naked notion of truths, unless we embrace and pursue them." He then goes on to say this about habits,"Acquired habits follow action, for frequent acts beget a habit, as often as swimming makes us an expert in swimming, and much writing makes us an expert in writing."

When it comes to cultivating an intimate effectual prayer life and knowing God more, it requires action. It's not merely talking about how you would wish you could know God more or how you wish you could pray more. It is a daily dose of doing. We have no excuse.

What about you? How will you find time for God today? The first step in application is to do it today. Don't wait til tomorrow. Open His word today. Ask God to open your eyes to see His truth and your heart to humbly receiving His truth.

Habit will follow action. Don't worry about how you will make a habit. Just dive in and start swimming!

Let me hear from you about how you are acquiring the habit of following God with your whole heart.
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