Sunday, January 16

A Story about the "Amazing Grace" Song

     This morning my pastor introduced us to a man who came to know Jesus while in prison. He is a picture of God’s grace. The man ran from God throughout his lifetime living the way he wanted to live and not thinking about any of the consequences.  He came to a point where he wanted life instead of death. He hit rock bottom and that is what it took for him- God got his attention.
     It was refreshing to see a person who God really changed from the inside out in his late forties. Sometimes we (those of us who have grown up in the church) grow cold to the fact that it doesn’t matter what age a person may be, Jesus can still change them. Growing up in the church, I have witnessed countless numbers of people accept Jesus Christ when they are young. I don’t get to see lots of “new man” stories of older believers. But I believe a person who accepts Jesus later in life has a passion for God’s grace that’s deeper than the average church member. what they have gone through and what they have come to understand about God’s salvation is encouraging to hear. we, in the church, grow cold to the fact that Jesus STILL CHANGES people. God forgive us!
     While watching him talk, you could see in his eyes the light of Christ shining through to others. Praise God to be able to see such a shining light for Christ!
     I still can’t believe more people wouldn’t want to know our Jesus. But I am quite aware that they are deceived and Satan has blinded them to see the truth of Jesus. God’s grace is beautiful. It’s free and there’s nothing like it in the whole world. I pray you will not give up praying for a person God has placed in your path that needs to hear about a savior. Keep sharing about Jesus and keep praying for them.
Enjoy another “new” man story in this video.
Thank you God that you still change people! You really do!
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