Wednesday, January 19

Just for Women Wednesdays- Taking God's Word with You

Happy Wednesday friends! I wanted to share something with you that has made the biggest difference in my walk with the LORD. A few years ago to keep God's word continually in my mind , I bought a small new testament bible and placed it inside my purse. Whenever I would have some time I would open it up and read it. My small amount of time with my little red new testament turned into a continual conversation between me and God that I treasured. I would read and He would speak to my heart through the written word.

What was the alternative when I would be somewhere? What would be the common thing to read? Magazines. But the messages from magazines don't fill our minds with the right truths of God. These little moments can add up to a lot of moments and before you know it the messages become part of your thoughts.

This little change made the greatest impact in my walk with the LORD. I share this with you because as women we desperately need to hear from the LORD. We get busy.We carry lots of things on our minds. We worry about our families, our jobs, and our health. We fear the worst at times and can then become anxious over the lack of time we have to get all our tasks done. We need a continual cleansing of God's word to wash over our minds and refresh our hearts.

These days, if you have an i-phone, you've got an app for the bible right! I don't have an i-phone so I don't have first hand knowledge of all the apps. But I do know you can read the bible from an i-phone. I have seen someone do this! Even if I had an i-phone, I want my hands on a bible. I want to be able to make notes on it, circle a verse, and let it get all into my mind. 

If you find yourself in need of making a change for the better, buy a small new testament and put it in your purse. It's the greatest treasure you can carry in your purse.
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