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Just for Women Wednesdays- Making Comparisons

There are lots of things I like to talk about when it comes to being a woman. And I love to hear what other women are learning in their life too. I believe its vitally important to be a life-long learner. That's what Wednesdays will become here at Joy Treasure. I don't know how it will go, so hang in there with me. And please.......tell me what topics you would like to hear about here on Wednesdays.
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Today I want to talk about something we all deal with as women- how we compare our selves to each other.

God doesn't want us to compare ourselves to each other..... but we do. It's part of our sinful nature but something through Christ, we can overcome with the help of His word and Spirit.

At any time you can be going about your day and there it is, a thought of comparison. Maybe its a commercial on television or the computer that prompts you to think about what you 'wish' you had. Could be a picture on a billboard or be caused by picking up your favorite magazine and reading through the 'best' whatever. It could even be personal- that you like a friends hair, makeup, or clothes. It may be something about their character that you adore and wish you were like. Maybe its the way they can accomplish a task consistently. Maybe its the way they follow Jesus. The list could go on forever....! You know what I'm talking about! What's funny about comparing is that one day you think you have it beat and the next you find it's not. Over my lifetime, I've come to find when I even start to compare myself to others, I stop, take a step back, and ask the question, "What's going on with my heart? Why am I craving to be 'like' whoever or 'have' whatever." When I stop, ask this question, and bring it back to the LORD, I can always find  the right perspective through looking at it through His eyes.
A Lesson Learned
A story that stands out in my mind about comparing was when I was in junior high school.
I wanted a pair of Guess jeans so bad!! They were the rage and all the girls were wearing them at school. The girls who were wearing them were skinny and mostly tall- looked like they were made to wear Guess jeans. Or should I say, Guess jeans were made for them! But me...well, I wasn't tall and my body was never meant to wear a pair of Guess jeans. Ever. Did I say ever! But I thought if I could get my mom to buy me a pair, which at the time were ($60), I would be content.

I still remember holding my breath trying to pull the jeans up to my waist. They were too tight in the thighs and too big in the waist. Flattering, I should say! No. Not at all. I convinced my mother (begged her!) that I would wear them. I did, for a little while . But they simply weren't made for me.
Guess jeans didn't change my life. They didn't bring me more friends or popularity on the days I wore them. They made me come to understand that God created me, Ashley, uniquely wonderful in His eyes, to be me. Not other girls. Guess Jeans wouldn't bring me contentment, only God could.  

I went back to the department store that spring and tried on all kinds of jeans. I found a pair that fit me best. (they weren't Guess!) In the end, I came to see that my comparison led to a craving of something that I thought would make my life better. And comparing what I didn't have to what others had... would prove to be an endless game. I didn't want for my life to become a worthless chase after nothing.That's what happens when we keep comparing and trying to obtain what we think we 'need' to have. So whenever the latest fad comes about, I just think back to the lesson learned from those pair of jeans.

I always laugh when I think about Guess jeans.

Thank you God for using a pair of French jeans to teach me that I was made for more than to just wear a pair of designer jeans.
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  1. OH, how I love this!!! And how I needed to hear it! I struggle here, too and I am so thankful that God is patient to let me continue learning He is all I need!

    I would love to hear how other women, especially the stay at home kind, find ways to show their faith to others. How they blend being real with being truthful and sold out. That is a hard balance for me. Love the blog, Ash!

  2. Sherry, thanks for the comment!

    I want to encourage other women that visit and read this post to share how they are overcoming making comparisons and being the woman who God made them to be in Christ.

    Glad you like the blog Sherry! Thanks girl!


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