Tuesday, January 11

God of my Everything

 As I nestled snugly into my bed with one of my favorite books the other night, something jumped out at me that I wanted to share with you, my friends! (The Attributes of God: Deeper into the Father's Heart- Volume 2 by A.W. Tozer)  I broke the quote up into two parts because I want us to be able to really think about this and let it sink into our hearts. Here goes: 

Ouch! Tozer doesn't sugar coat anything. He tells it like it is.

How do we as believers drag God down in our thinking? In my life, I would say I have dragged God down in my thinking when I've failed to make much of WHO God is. I know His word, but there are times when I don't bring my thoughts back to what I know to be true about Him in the bible. I drag God down in my thinking when I only come to Him when I need something. I drag God down in my thinking when I doubt what He is up to in my life. When I don't believe anything is possible through Him. 

Tozer explains how he believes believers drag God down in their thinking by only coming to Him when they are in trouble. It is so easy to come to God when times are bad, but when times are good He is still God and worthy of our praise, worthy of our devotion. I don't want God to be God of just my troubled times. I want him to be God of my every detail. God of my every minute. God of my every hour and day. God of my good times. God of my everything. Don't you?

Not a long post today but something I think we ALL can benefit from when it comes to elevating God in our thought life.
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