Monday, January 3

Manna Monday- How the World creeps into our Minds

I am not trying to be a church goody goody but we must be wise to how a worldview creeps into our homes, into our computers, into our minds.

What is Tide really trying to say here about the mother? What is omitted speaks volumes. The mom quietly borrows her daughter's green shirt, goes out and has a great time and gets a stain on it and doesn't tell her daughter what she did to the shirt. Instead, she doesn't say a thing (ha ha right!) and then pours Tide on the dried stain and wallah.... the shirt is clean and quietly put back into the daughter's closet. Two times the mother can come clean about what she did with the shirt, but she doesn't.

What she omits is supposed to be funny, right! Wrong. To me it's sad because it makes light of lying. What kind of example does this promote? When I see this commercial what I see is a mom who lies, doesn't come clean with her daughter and the commercial is supposed to be funny and make me want to go out and buy this stain removal because it gets dried stains out.

I'm not telling you to stop buying Tide detergent. I am asking you to look, listen and be alert to how the world makes light of sin. Commercials are one way the world chisels down the truth of God. Lying is lying in the eyes of God. Big or little, to Him its all the same.

The bible tells us to stay alert and to keep our minds clear. We need to be on guard to not let the world's view of sin, such as lying, be something we take lightly.

1 Peter 5:8
"Be alert and of sober mind..."

Proverbs 12:22
"The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy."

Does the bible tell us that God laughs at our lying and thinks its funny sometimes? No. It says he detests lying lips. As a mother, it is my responsibility to be trustworthy to God and then to my family. How I live IS an example to my family. If I omit things, which is lying, I am teaching a standard to live by in my home and it promotes an atmosphere that omission is permissible. And guess who is watching and learning...? Children.

Friends, think about what you watch, listen to how the world tries to make light of little things like this commercial. It's not funny.

This post is simply to redirect our minds back to God's word and to not make light of little white lies.
Hope I got you thinking this Monday morning!
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  1. Ashley,

    Thanks for making me think! We were just talking about in church yesterday the idea of... how godly and pure are our lives? Are we seeking to be more like Jesus or less?

    Your point is well-taken about Tide.


  2. Hey Melanie! It is SO great to hear from you again! Thanks for stopping by Joy Treasure. I've been meaning to post this video for a while. Thanks for the awesome comment.

  3. the one I can't stand is the one where the Dad hides the "skirt" that belongs to his daughter. The daughter and mom find it, stained, and then apply the Tide and *poof* the stain is gone. Then it shows the daughter wearing the "skirt" going out and the Dad looking shocked that they found it! I say "skirt" in quotes b/c there really wasn't much there. Anyway, another one that I don't like. Girls are already impressionable, what is this saying to them. It's not just that Tide gets out stains, but ones on things that your dad doesn't want you to wear and has hidden.

  4. Hey Heather! I know the latest commercial you are talking about. The issue at the core of that commercial is the father not addressing the issue of his daughter not wearing such a short skirt...but even worse than that, the mother not having a problem with the skirt and washing it for her daughter.


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