Thursday, January 6

Friends Remind Us We're Normal!

Okay, so I thought this was too funny not to take a picture of. On the right is my purse and on the left is a friend of mine's purse. Anything look familiar?

One thing I am going to work on this year is to not make my purse my personal file cabinet. I lose time because I can't find anything. Imagine that!

The great thing about having friends is that you realize people are the same in so many ways. We all struggle with all kinds of things. For me, I struggle with my purse being chocked full of papers. I am just being honest here!

Thank you God for friends! They help us to not take ourselves so seriously and teach us that we are normal in so many ways! Amen! Hope you all enjoyed a laugh today and that you have some friends you can thank God for. Tell them you love them and are thankful for them.
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  1. Funny picture! Glad you have friends just like you too!

    My 15 year old daughter talked me into getting a little bitty purse for Christmas. I can't fit anything in that thing.

    I may go back to my "file cabinet" which looks alot like the two in your photo.

    Thanks for making me smile today!


  2. Hey Melanie! Yes... I am so glad I have friends like me too! Praise God!
    I, like you, have tried to cut ties with the big purses as well. I have tried to start anew with a smaller purse. Yes. I have.

    I say I have because I went back to my old ways of having a walking file cabinet hanging off my shoulder!

    I think I am on to something though, I think there are many women out there like us. Keep trying Melanie to hang with the small purse. You can do it!
    Glad you laughed today because of the purses! Can't wait to tell my friend!

    Blessings to you!


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