Thursday, January 13

30 Quotes from Oswald- #11-Alone with God

As always, these quotes are taken from  Oswald Chambers "My Utmost for His Highest" Journal. Published by Barbour and Company, Inc; Uhrichsville, OH.

Hey friends! I pray this post finds you well today! I'm super-excited to be sharing my favorite quotes from the Oswald Chambers devotional again! There is nothing like a good ole' quote from Oswald.

Today's quote come from January 12th page, "Have you ever been Alone with God?"  

He says, "The only One who understands us is God. The greatest curse in spiritual life is conceit."He goes on to say, "As long as we are not quite sure that we are unworthy, God will keep narrowing us in until He gets us alone.  Whenever there is an element of pride or of conceit, Jesus cannot expound a thing."

I don't want for anything to get in the way of being able to hear Jesus 'expound' his truth to me. What about you? So many things get in the way of being able to hear God's voice: sin! Pride and conceit can come in the smallest form and fashion in our lives. Sometimes we might not even know it because we have not had time alone with God. Time alone with God helps us to acknowledge our sin and then repent from it.

Pride may sound like this: "I know all about that Jesus. I've got that one covered, and I don't need another lesson there. How about we learn something else!"  On the other hand, it may sound like this, "I deserve to be....and I deserve to do....."

Conceit is defined as, "A favorable and especially unduly high opinion of one's own abilities or worth."
Our culture demands for us to think highly of ourselves...that we aren't that bad. It's everywhere. 
I agree with Oswald on this one. The greatest conceited thought a believer can fall into is one that says, "Well, at least I'm not doing this or that like such and such is."  The church is so guilty of this kind of thought process. This rationalization of sin keeps us from being teachable (hearing God teach us) while placing ourselves quietly on some type of pedestal above others. How do we keep this in check? By reading God's word and reminding ourselves that we are sinners( no matter how big or small the sin in our eyes). It's all the same to God.

We are unworthy.
I'll say it again!
We are unworthy.
We are unworthy.
I am unworthy.

Is Jesus narrowing you in a bit to come be alone with Him? Maybe its temptation, heartache, an illness, a broken relationship, discouragement or a disappointment that's bringing you closer to His side. Stay there. Don't leave. Listen for Him. He'll speak. 

"When they were alone, He expounded all things to His disciples." Mark 4:34

Get the noisy thoughts and questions out of your head when you come to Him. Don't let those thoughts even have a place to continue dwelling. Tell Jesus everything. Confess it. Because it's then you can hear Him speak over your life. And that revives, refreshes the soul better than anything this world can offer.
I pray you'll  find time to get alone with our wonderful Savior and get the noise out!

I'm so thankful for you today! 
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