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More About Jesus Friday- Why Did Jesus Weep? (7/20/2010)

My son and I were in the car the other day when he asked me to tell him some bible stories. (This is a great time to talk to your kids about the bible.They are all ears while driving.) I told him all the typical stories you tell children such as David and Goliath, Joshua and the battle of Jericho, Jonah and the whale, the boy, 2 fish and five loaves. And then I got to telling him about Lazarus dying and Jesus weeping over Lazarus' death and then bringing him back to life. At first I thought, "Now Ashley, why are you telling him about Lazarus dying. But then I thought, because its a truth from the bible and he needs to hear now that Jesus brings us life. I want for him to know that Jesus is the only way to new life. I want him to know this truth now even if he doesn't understand it. It's a seed I am planting in his young heart. But as a child would ask great questions, he asked me sweetly, "mommy why did Jesus weep?"

Prompted by son's question, I was reminded Jesus felt my sorrow. I began to rejoice in that truth while driving in my car. I knew why Jesus wept, but it was a great reminder to myself of the humanity of Jesus Christ. He really wept. He felt something. He grieved at the death of his friend. And yet, sin brought sickness and death into the world and I am certain Jesus was thinking about this too.

Jesus was God, but He was also man. And as a man, he knew the sorrow that life on this sinful earth could bring. As Isaiah 53:3(ESV) tells us, " He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not."

When I am experiencing sorrow, Jesus knows how I feel. I don't receive sympathy from Him. I receive ONLY EMPATHY because HE knows the pain I feel. He knows more pain than all the pain I will ever feel in my life put together in one big pile. Who else can empathize with us like this?

No one knows our deepest sorrow like Jesus does. Don't become familiar with this truth and say "yeah I know, I've heard it a lot." Let it sink inside your heart. Let it minister to you. The things that keep us up at night or the heavy burdens we carry around that no one knows about-Jesus knows. He knows. He knows yours sorrows be it big or small. He feels them-every one of them and they matter to Him. Think about all the friends that come to you and share their burdens and sorrows. Can you empathize with them every time? No. Sometimes you can because life experiences have taken you places where you can empathize. But not every time. Jesus can empathize with us EVERY time. That's worth some praise today don't you think!

John MacArthur, one of my favorite pastors-beside my own church pastor, breaks down this passage quite beautifully. (Interesting commentary about the professional mourners... I can only imagine the chaotic scene and how some of them were wailing professionally!)
Click below and be linked to Why Jesus Wept.

Why Did Jesus Weep? (7/20/2010)

Jesus knows friend.
Thank Him for being a Savior who knows your sorrow today.
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