Friday, November 19

The State of Marriage

This is sad to me. Wanted to share it with you all. What do you think about this article in the USA today?

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  1. time for God's people to show that we still believe in God's ordained marriage!

  2. Yes Erin! I absolutely agree. If believers can't show it's sacred and God ordained, how will the rest of the world believe it? They won't. I am concerned for the statistic that showed the growing number of younger adults disregarding marriage. What will our culture look like 15 years from now when those same adults never grow up and live a string of shallow, non-committed relationships. We don't have control over them but we do have control over how we show what a Godly marriage looks like. We also can teach our children what God says about marriage and raise them up to know its sacred and God-ordained. Thanks for leaving a great comment Erin! I love it!


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