Friday, November 5

Hey y'all! (That's how us southerners greet each other!) I 've got a busy weekend planned so I'm not sure if I'll have a lot of extra time to write to y'all. But I do have some things on my heart to share but there's just not enough time to get it all out right now. So I'll probably share them in next weeks posts. Feel free to look around on some of the older posts on the blog. (Hard to believe I am going on my sixth month of blogging!) YAY God! He has encouraged me and placed so many things on my heart to share with you. I know He is not finished. He is just getting started!
I want you to know I blog for two reasons: first, because I want to make much of Christ in every day life and second, to encourage your daily walk with the LORD. This is just another way I believe God would have me build up the body of Christ- through encouragement by pointing you to His word. Please know, I am praying for you this weekend. I cannot thank you enough for continuing to come back to this blog. Thank you!!!!!
I'm so humbled God has brought me this far since I began blogging back in May and that He allows me the opportunity to write to you. 

Last, if you have enjoyed reading Joy Treasure and it has been a blessing to you, will you encourage your friends and family to join? My prayer is for more people to join and begin a big conversation about Jesus on this blog. How cool would that be? Remember, you can join through Face book, Twitter, RSS feed, Yahoo and Google Friend. 

I love you all! I really do! Have a great weekend! See you bright and early Monday morning with another Manna Monday!
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