Thursday, November 18

30 Quotes from Oswald

Here it is! Another quote from Oswald Chambers! (My favorite devotion!!!) Sometimes we go through difficult things in life and we wonder where God is. Sometimes He seems silent to us at first during the trial. But we have to go back to our knowledge of God and what the word says about His presence. He is omnipresent- with us all the time everywhere. He is there. That's the truth. He has not gone anywhere. He is with us through every trial. I love how Oswald connects worry to a lack of trusting that God is in control. Because God is our Father, He loves us and will take care of us. As a father, he knows what's best for us. He is in control of our lives working things out for our good. While He is working, sometimes we don't see it. But He is always working.
Don't waste anymore time worrying today. Bring it to God and take Him at His word. HE is in control.
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