Monday, October 31

Free Art Friday This Friday!

I have been working on some Fall giveaways. YAY! I have had so much fun! So that means Free Art Friday this Friday!

Here's how to enter Free Art Friday.
First, you must be a member of Joy Treasure to enter. You can join by clicking on "Follow this Blog" box under the Facebook box on the left hand column. You can also click on the blue box that says, "Join this site" and connect thru Google.

Second, Open the comment box under this post. Leave your entire name. Your name will be taken and placed in a bowl and

Third, Free Art Friday begins Monday October 31st at 8am and will run until Thursday evening November 4th at 10pm. I will have my son draw names from a bowl this Friday morning and will post the name by 9:30am.

The giveaway is a mixed media painting on a 6X6 canvas. It can be placed on a small easel and placed in a guest bathroom, on the kitchen counter, on a side table in your living room. It's fun and funky but a true reminder of who we are to give thanks to- God!  Can't wait to give this one away!
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  1. My name is DeDe Lange and I love art

  2. i want i want.

    heather goss


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