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Just for Women Wednesdays- Seeing

Sorry I missed Manna Monday...I am doing the best I can with updating Joy Treasure at this point. I know God is working in ways I cannot see and yet my heart still longs to be here more faithfully like I have been in the past. Please continue to be patient, I will be posting as much as time allows.

Today's Just for Women Wednesday's is about
It is so vitally important to spend time with other women who are believers.

There is something that happens when you spend time with other women who believe. I have made a list of a few things that have been important to me as I have spent time with fellow sisters in Christ.

1. I think the biggest lie women struggle with no matter their age is the lie, "I am all alone. No one cares about me. No one thinks about me." This is a flat out lie. It's not true! Dear one, don't believe this lie. It IS a lie.

Deuteronomy 31:8 says, "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

The evil one would love for us to become mired in the mud of this lie and stay stuck in deception rather than embrace God's truth. Not only are we not alone, God goes before us and makes a way for our path. 
One of the ways I have experienced freedom from this lie is by making it a point to fellowship with other women who are believers. When I spend time in conversation over dinner or coffee, I find I am not alone in the things I experience in my life. I find that other women too are walking through good things and bad things in life, too.

2. I am refreshed.
Every time I meet with other women through fellowship I become refreshed. It is the Holy Spirit that binds us as believers. That's why we feel connected when we talk about Jesus. I always feel better just by being in the presence of other women who believe. It is like water in a desert.

3. I laugh!
There is no better medicine than laughter. I love hearing other stories from women about their lives, their families, their workplace etc. I embrace their funny stories and they become a part of me. If you haven't spent time with a woman who can laugh, call her and make a date on the calendar to catch up. You will be blessed.

4. I learn.
When I spend time with other women who are walking though life as a believer, I grow. Their life testimonies, things they read, and how they apply scripture to every day life helps me learn how to live faithfully as a believer. When you spend time getting to know someones life story, you will be blessed. You too, will rejoice with them and be able to see God's hand at work in their life.

5. I grow.
There are those friends who just grow you to become more like Christ. Their walk with Christ is so strong that whenever you spend time with them, you leave with something to ponder in your heart. They may share something they have been reading or studying. Whatever it is, it is something they are not just saying, but are living or trying to live out.

Good Stuff! This is why I love to fellowship with my fellow sisters in Christ. They grow me to be more like Christ. They don't take things away from me. They enrich my life.

If you find yourself isolated and in need of some "girl time" make a call and set a time to meet with some fellow sisters in Christ. You need it. They need it too. Both of you will experience these benefits as you meet together. Work is always there. The schedule is always full. Time is always passing. But friendships are to be treasured and to be nourished and taken care of. Don't delay. Fellowship!!!!!

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