Thursday, November 3

Just for Women Wednesdays- Seizing Unexpected Opportunities

There are things that we as women go through in life that are different than men.
And its through the trials we experience as women, that God uses us to connect with other women.

 Never underestimate your trial, your pain, your suffering, your sin struggle. God can use it for HIS good.

Today I waited in the park for a friend of mine to show up for a play date. Our children were going to play on the playground. My son began riding his tricycle around the walking path around the playground as he waited for his friend. A Muslim woman was walking along the path. He passed her on his tricycle and began to talk to her. I didn't think anything about it.

I waited for my friend.

A few minutes later, she pulled up and came over to where I was sitting- in the pavilion at a picnic table. As soon as she sat down, the Muslim woman immediately came over to our table and sat down right beside me. The uttermost parts of the world was sitting at our table.

We didn't have to travel to Pakistan to meet our sweet friend to tell her about Jesus. She was here and she had already heard about Jesus (the prophet - as she called Him). Of course she didn't believe He was the Messiah.

As the conversation unfolded, she began to share her sorrows. The sorrows of a woman who had lost a child. She needed someone to talk to. My friend who sat across from her had experienced the same thing in her own life. As I sat there watching my friend be able to instantly connect with another woman from another part of the world, I thanked God. He was using my friend to share how she got through the pain of losing a child- Jesus. She lovingly shared the gospel with the Muslim woman. It was a beautiful site to see.

As women, the things we go through in life that only another woman can understand is something God uses for His glory. It's the thing that can instantly connect us to another woman from another part of the world.

The world is at our doorstep. They are in our parks, neighborhoods and schools. They are shopping in our malls and grocery stores. You don't have to go on a mission trip to share the Gospel.

When you meet a someone who is not a believer, how do you continue the conversation? Love. Love like Jesus.
1. Bring a meal.
2. Invite the person over for dinner.
3. Send a card of encouragement.
4. Build a relationship.(Find ways to continue to the conversation- frequent the same place in hopes of seeing the person again.
5. Remember the person's name.
6. PRAY! Don't forget to pray!!!

Below are some statistics from the International Mission Board about how the world is right at our doorstep.
The world is here. Women around you from other parts of the world are right here. You never know how God will use your life experiences to connect to another woman.

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