Friday, October 28

Favorite Things Friday

I always love when friends share with me things they "like."
I often find if they "like" something, I will like it too.
So when I don't have a Free Art Friday on Joy Treasure, I will post "Favorite Things Friday."
I will share some of my favorite things with you, my friends.
But I want to hear from you too!
I want to know your favorite things and share them with Joy Treasure friends.

Here are a few of mine:

It took almost 20 years for me to like coffee, but I caved in. Now, this is my favorite! After a friend shared this with my family, we now only buy Community Coffee. I like the coffee and chicory but I also like the breakfast blend. I have tried to go back to other coffee's but once you try it, you will agree it truly tastes better.

I am giving up my secret- Aveda Control force hairspray! I have never been a gal who likes fancy hairspray or makeup, but once I tried this, I lost the "clumps of hairspray hair" from drugstore hair sprays. I cannot live without it. The best thing- it doesn't feel like I have hairspray on my hair. It is so light!!! Great control too!

I bought this at Target a two months ago. It has changed my life for the better! It has a magnet on the back of it which I hang on the side of my refrigerator. I pull it off and start checking. I cannot live without it!!!

I bought this little makeup organizer for my purse simply because it had pink on it! Got it at Target. Every time I open my purse, I can't help but smile because of the pink color under the zipper. Sometimes it only takes a small pop of color to make you feel good.

Ok. That's it for today!

Now it's your turn. Leave me a comment about something you like and want to share with Joy Treasure readers! I will post it in next Friday's "Favorite Things."

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