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Manna Monday- Making Memories

Manna Monday's Main Theme Verse is Psalm 118:24 which says, "This is the Day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and  be glad in it." Manna Monday exists to encourage you to think about the LORD at the beginning of your week and what is important in life rather than all the stress and things you have to "do."

Today I wanted to talk about:
Manna Monday's verse for October 10th is Philippians 2:4: "Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others."

We have been meeting with a group of other couples in our marriage mentoring group for a couple of years now. We just finished up the book, The Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent and Barbara Hughes. I highly recommend this book! It is so practical for daily living.
Last night we discussed the next to the last chapter. It was on table manners which led a discussion about the memories that are made at the table.

We live in a society that is so fast. Families today eat on the run, keep their phone on the table and are having less time for sharing a meal together because they put their children in too many activities or they themselves in too many activities. What are we doing to ourselves? To our families?

Our mentors, an older couple in our church, reminisced over memories made at the table in their younger years. Mr. Bill told us about how his parents had big shade trees in their yard. His parents would open up their farm to welcome guests to come over after church and eat under those trees. They would set up tables and eat there. What a vivid picture he described. As I listened to him, I could picture myself there alongside him because of his passionate description. It was a memory that he cherished. It made an impact on my heart. I thought, "what kind of memories am I making for my son? For our family?" What would stand out to him as he grows up?

Going out to eat on Sunday's is something we do as a family. But does that really make memories? I would say "no." But having people over to our home on a consistent basis and having a home cooked meal....that makes memories. Cooking a Sunday meal makes memories. It takes work. But it does make memories.

I know life is busy. Crazy. But as I grow older, I come to see that I want to leave something behind for my son to cherish; like Mr. Bill cherished the memory of Sunday dinner at his farm.

I am not one who likes to cook Sunday lunch, but I am convicted that Sunday is to be a day of rest. Coming home after church continues the focus on God and family, and not on other things. I can see that now. I want our family to feel like Sunday is a day that is different from the rest- a day to rest from going out. A day to be solely focused on God and family. This is what I believe is going to stand out to my son as he matures. That is a memory that I know he will remember forever. 

So I am not saying, I have arrived! By no means! I am sharing with you what God has been laying on my heart. I admit, I can't go cold turkey and just start cooking on Sundays. There is much to do. Much to prepare. This is not something I am used to doing. But I am going to begin making an effort to prepare meals beforehand on Saturdays to eat on Sundays for lunch. My feeling is to not make lunch but to be waited upon at a restaurant. I admit it. I want to think bigger and more about others (my family and others) than just about me (that I don't want to cook Sunday dinner!). I want to think about making memories for my son on Sundays. I want to promote fellowship among the body of believers by inviting them over for Sunday lunch. These are memories.

I would love to hear what you think about Sunday lunch. What are memories you remember from your childhood? What memories are you making on Sundays? Do you make meals on Sunday or go out to eat? 

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  1. We try to eat as a family around the table most nights. Anne started a thing that we do while at the table talking about our favorite part of the day, telling one thing that was great or something that was funny. It's a great reminder to us, especially when we have not so great days, that there was something positive that happened. We usually go around two or three times for the kids! They really get into it!


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