Monday, February 13

Manna Monday- Chewing on God's Word

Does this ever sound like your Monday morning?

Got to go.
 Get into the car.
Eat breakfast on the way to work. Turn on praise music instead of having a quiet time.Say a prayer along the highway as your hands grip the steering wheel. "God bless my husband. God bless my family. God, help me have a good day .God, answer the prayer request of my friend and the lady that shared a prayer request in the hallway at church. God, I love you." 
If this is you :

 Consider Monday's verse:

Consider the phrases:
  • "Stand in awe"
When was the last time you stood in awe of the LORD and ALL He has done?
 Do you stand in awe of His nature? His attributes?
  • "commune with your own heart"
When was the last time you took time to seriously reflect on the state of your heart?
  • "be still"
Be still before the LORD and come to Him with humility. Don't give excuses for your sin.

One of the best ways I have found to focus on God's Word throughout my week, especially on Monday's, is to focus on one verse per week. I usually have something, some phrase, some word, that I am chewing on throughout my daily tasks. On my bed before I go to sleep, I consider the verse. I ponder it as I stand in line at the grocery store. While I am waiting at a red light, my thoughts travel back to the truth. I chew on it again and again and again. Then I learn it. It becomes a part of me. It begins to change my thoughts, my attitude and actions.  I pray the scripture aloud throughout the week too.

This is how God's Word can come alive in your life.

Dear sister, what truth will you carry with you this Monday? This week?
Seek out God's truth and chew on it.

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