Wednesday, February 1

Just for Women Wednesdays- Embracing Where U ARE!!!


Does your mind ever wander to a dream you want to fulfill in your life or to a life that you wish you had instead of the one you have at present? Maybe you dream of more free time or less laundry. For some of you, maybe you long for a new job with less stress and a nicer boss. Maybe you long to stay at home with your children and not have to work full time. Maybe you stay home with your children and yet you long for more purpose in life and feel like you are getting old raising your children and life is passing you by. Whatever the case may be, God desires for each of us to thankfully embrace each moment,each breath, each day because He has given us another day to rejoice (Psalm 118:24). He has made your day today my sister! Rejoice in HIM. He is the best part of each day!!!!

Turning Back to What's TRUE
Let's turn our minds away from our wants/wishes and purposefully focus them back on the truths of God.
We want God's WORD to change our minds, which will change our heart and therefore change our actions. When I find myself wondering about tomorrow and wishing away my life, these verses set me back on the straight and narrow and rejoice my heart! I pray they encourage your heart, too!

(Place your mouse over each scripture)
  • John 5:17 (God is always working and never stops working in our lives.)
  • John 2:4; 7:6 (Jesus had to wait for his time at the cross to come. Live in the waiting time.)
  • Job 14:5 (Every moment has been given to us by God.)
  • Psalm 31:15 (Our times are in God's hands.)
  • Daniel 2:21 (God is in control of all things.)
Dear sister, I don't know where life finds you today. I don't know your joys and sorrows. God knows. Don't waste your life today thinking about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34). Focus on the people around you today. Live during the waiting time. Learn new things where you are. Embrace new relationships where you are. Find the good in your circumstances. Stop letting the past or the present define your mood and your words. Bring your mood and wishes to the authority of Christ and let the Word of God wash over each thought, each wish, each longing.

Let God's WORD define your life, not your flesh.

Dear God, thank you for giving me the very breath I breathe. Thank you for this day that you have made. I bring my heart to You and ask You to bring me peace where I am in life at this moment. I don't know what tomorrow may bring but I trust in You and Your truth today. Keep my mind from wandering away to the future and instead give me eyes to see every tiny blessing You have given me in each day. Help me learn to embrace where YOU have me each day. Forgive me when I turn away from Your truth and look to my own fleshly desires. Thank You for hearing my prayer.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this Ashley. Miss you....

  2. Ashley,
    Thank you for sharing this. I needed it today and I will need it tomorrow. I am struggling with a few of the issues that you listed..everything from wanting to be a stay at home but working because I have too...wanting another child even though we can't afford another child...feeling guilty that sometimes housework comes between me wanting to spend time with James. I am truly going to reflect on what you have said. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Adrianna for the comment! Miss you too!

    Alissa, so glad this post was a blessing to you. Embrace where you are. God has placed you there. Embrace the moments you have with James each day. Don't think too much about the time you don't get to spend with him. It's thinking about what we don't have that gets us into a moody mess! Thanks for your comment. It helps me know how to continue to minister to women coming to the blog. Thanks!


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