Wednesday, February 15

Just for Women Wednesdays- Be Who God created U to BE (Not Someone Else)!

Don't kid yourself.
The struggle to BE who GOD created YOU to be is real.
I wouldn't be posting this today if I hadn't struggled with it in my own life.

Finding my Voice
From the time I could open my mouth, I have always been singing. Still am today. In high school, I grew to identify with female Christian artists. I was a strong believer of Christ and I wanted my life to imitate those who were following Christ, too. If they were women and sang about the LORD, then it was all the better! In the 80's and 90's, two women, Sandi Patty and Amy Grant, were my favorites. But I was partial, very partial....OK super duper partial to Sandi Patty.

She was my all time favorite.

Here is a song I heard her sing in concert back in the 80s. I found it on you tube. You don't have to listen to all of it, just a bit to see what she sounds like.

When it came to Sandi Patty, I wanted to BE like her. I wanted to sound like her. Her voice inspired me. Her music lifted my spirits and encouraged my heart. I vividly remember practicing every song from her tape on my stereo almost every Sunday afternoon. I would play through an entire tape over and over again noticing every note and would belt along with her to the best of my ability.

As my passion for her music grew, I went to her concerts. I followed her whereabouts in newspapers, magazines and on television.

When I got to college, my ultimate dream came true...I played and sang in a group that opened for her concert. Then, I got to meet her after the concert.(No comments please about the true color of my hair!!!!)

My Sophomore year of college, I remember asking myself, "Where is my voice? What is the true voice of just me?" The silent war to be like Sandi Patty that battled within me was only known to me. And it was frustrating. It was keeping me from seeing who God created Ashley to be and pursue the qualities God gave only me. Eventually, I remember revealing my frustration to my parents saying, "I can't find my voice! I want to find my singing voice, not imitate someone else's."

The Voice Journey
As much as I loved Sandi Patty, I came to see that I needed to look beyond her voice to find my own. I began purchasing new music from other female Christian artists and listened to their songs. I made myself learn and sing new songs. Even if it wasn't my normal style, I made myself listen to it. It was difficult, but slowly I began to find my voice, not imitate Sandi Patty's singing voice. I now know the kind of songs I can sing and the range that best fits my voice. I am comfortable in the voice God gave me, and only me!

God did not make me to BE Sandi Patty. He made me to be me!
It's not a bad thing for women to admire other women who inspire you to pursue a talent or dream or push you to know more about Christ. These are all good things. But it can become toxic when you are constantly focused on only one person to be like, to imitate.  

Dear sister, "who are YOU?"
Who has God made YOU to be?
What spiritual gifts, personality, talents, heart did God give YOU, and only YOU?

 From the distinct way you say a word, to the way your hair curls or the way you write your name, God made YOU YOU! There is not another YOU.

Psalm 139:13 reveals that God didn't create you to be someone else in your mother's womb. He knit YOU to be YOU in your mother's womb. His fingertips were all over the creation of YOU! Let that truth sink deep into your heart.
Take time to notice the details about the qualities God has given you in your own life.
Enjoy the journey to become who God wants you to become.
The journey to who YOU become in CHRIST is so much better!!!!

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  1. Love this so much, Ashley!! Thankyou so much for sharing! I loved Sandi Patty so much too growing up. But I learned a long time ago that I can't put people on a pedestal cause they will always let me down no matter how spiritual and godly they are. I really struggled with that. People will always let us down but God never will! Just something I learned in my growing up fascination with Sandi Patty!;) Love you, friend!


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