Friday, February 10

Fabulosity Friday-Making Your Closet a Place that you Love!!!!

 It's Friday again and I've been posting here on Joy Treasure how I have been preparing my home and preparing my life in 2012. In previous posts I have shared with you the two words that God has placed on my heart for 2012. They are:
I am continuing my posts on the word 'prepare' and showing you what it looks like in my life. This is a year long process and I want you to see that small changes to your life can be made in simple small steps each day. For me, I am tackling the unseen places in my home that cause me so much frustration when I am trying to get out the door in a hurry. My closet has been a point of contention. Slowly, but surely it is becoming a place that I love.

I took most of my jewelry out of a drawer and placed them in my closet where I get ready. I looked at unused space, measured and went searching for things that could help hold my jewelry in a place where I can see it.

I found these adorable door knob hangers in the girls section of Hobby Lobby. They are $9 each and easily can be hung on a wall. They also were half off so I got them for a steal! I could have made them, but why? I am trying to save time here and get on to other things! They were perfect for my bracelets!!! No more fighting in a drawer with my bracelets. I have them all right here when I need them. And I know what I have so I won't buy something similar. STRESS FREE!!!!!
So here is what they look like. I had a few more bracelets so I ordered two more door knob holders from Hobby Lobby and will place them below. My future plans are to repaint the closet this spring to give the closet a fresh look, but for now it works for me. Problem solved!

My necklaces and scarves were two other things that were all a mess. So I solved that as well. This is behind the door of my closet. Unused space now usable!

Last but not least, I had this space above my hanging clothes that was a blank wall. It was perfect for a special picture that I wanted to hang in our closet. This picture was taken on a special trip to Hawaii and my husband and I love it. When we walk in the closet, it is the first thing your eye sees when you walk into the closet.

 As you can see this closet would not be in the glamour shots of the Better Homes and Gardens. The wall needs to be repainted, I still have some containers to buy for the shelves. But the small improvements made have affected my life on a daily basis. I simply took what I had and made it a more enjoyable place to walk into. You spend 365 days a year in your closet and why not make it a place that you can enjoy being in or looking into?

If you don't like your closet and it has caused you much frustration, do something about it.
Look at it.
Think about it.
Plan for it and then tackle it.
You will be SOOOOO glad you did!

Have a fabulosity Friday my JT friends!!!!
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