Friday, February 3

Fabulosity Friday

365 hours.......
That is the time you most likely spend in a year hovered over your bathroom drawers cleaning your face or putting on makeup. Out of those 365 hours, how many of them are filled with frustration because you can't find something? Life is too short to be frustrated over the little things. Make the time to clean them out and make them fabulous!

As 2012 continues to roll along, the word "prepare" is one of the words God has placed on my heart to live out. Being prepared means to be a better steward of the time God has given me in each day. For me, that has been to organize the unseen places in my home. These are the places that company would never see if they visited my home.(That's because I wouldn't let them see it!!!!) But just because no one sees these unseen places doesn't mean that it's OK for me to not give attention to this part of my life.

I have to come to find that cute shelf paper is not something most stores have on their shelves. If I have to spend 365 hours of my life a year hovered over something then I want it to look nice and be a color and design that I like.
I couldn't find any shelf liner that I liked so I made my own.
I went to Michaels and bought scrapbook paper that I loved. I put it together by cutting it to fit my drawer and placed clear contact paper over the scrapbook paper to make it easy to wipe with a wet cloth to keep it clean.

Now, this took a bit more time than I wanted to take, but the result....fabulous!!!!

See how everything kind of had a place before....but it was not pretty.
No more hovering over this mess for 365 hours a year!!!!

Pretty! Love it!  Soooooo.... much better!

                          Purchasing an acrylic holder helps you see more of the paper you want to see.

I love putting my makeup on now. It's much more of an enjoyable experience!

Prepare your life so you can spend more time giving attention to the things that really matter in life.
Don't let your unseen places frustrate you anymore.

***********If you do not want to make cute shelf paper, I did find a source online that has cute options to order. Go to

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