Friday, February 24

Fabulosity Friday- Getting a Handle On Your Junk Drawer!!

 Pen, sharpies, stamps, odds and ends that no one knows what to do with!!
 The junk drawer of your home doesn't have to be a disaster!
 It can be beautiful and functional!
 I pray today's Fabulosity post inspires you to tackle the messy drawer in your home that you don't want anyone to see.
These are the words that God has placed on my heart for 2012. Prepare my home, prepare my life so I can make better use of the time He has given me. Listen is the other word that I will be posting about later.

Back to the drawer.

I had this drawer and it was a catch all.
 It would catch all the junk I would throw into it!!!
Take a look!

I knew that I had to tackle it. 
 Here is the process.
Wipe down the inside drawer so contact paper will adhere.

I couldn't find a shelving paper I liked so I made it myself using craft paper and clear contact paper.
I bought these containers from Target.
This is the catch all junk, it is orderly and can be found.

The other junk drawer is like a mail center for our home. See below.
I had been looking for a sharpie all last fall. Look how many I found!!!! 12!!!

Whatever word God places on your heart for 2012, the question is, "Are you seeing it through as the months go by? Are you seeking to bring all the things that keep you from moving forward in your life to the LORD? You can think it, pray it but if you don't act on it, it's just a wish, a good thought.

These places have been painful for me to act on, but it daily having a BIG impact on daily life inside our home. Have a Fabulosity Friday JT friend!!! I pray this post has inspired you!!!

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