Monday, April 18

Manna Monday- Four Ways to Worship God in Everyday Life

Worship doesn't just happen. You have to plan for it in your day.
You have to continually be thinking about the LORD and His word and find ways to make much of Him wherever you are. Worship isn't just for Sunday mornings. It's a way of life.

Worship simply means, to"bow down." Worship happens when a believer turns away from sin and selfishness, and obediently turning to God despite feelings and circumstances.

There are many ways to worship God in your day. And through the years I have tried to make much of Him wherever I am. I wanted to share a few of them with you today. I pray they encourage you!

                                                                    Washing Dishes

I sing a hymn or praise song while I do the dishes. I can't stand doing them, but when I sing a song of praise to God, I have a better attitude can enjoy doing them because I am not focusing on the mundane task, I am focusing on the God of the universe who loves me and gave me eternal life. When you do the dishes, thank God you are able to be healthy to wash them.


I love having my bible close to me when I am in the kitchen. I'll read a verse and let it sink into my heart as I quietly prepare our meal. I quietly worship Him while I focus on an attribute of God or a phrase from the verse. This is a great time to worship God and thank Him as your provider and for providing all the food you have in your home to nourish your family.


Doing laundry is a time for me to remember all God has done in my life. Make laundry a time you come to Him and remember all He has done in your life.  Instead of choosing a bad attitude while doing the laundry, you will find yourself rejoicing through remembering! 

I love taking time to look upon the beauty the LORD has created all around me. Worship God as Creator. Thank Him for creating things of beauty for your enjoyment. Don't speed by the things He has created during your day. Take a moment to stop and gaze upon it and know that He is God.

Worship is a way of life. There are MANY other times in your day to worship God. The best time to worship Him is early in the morning through reading the WORD. But worship doesn't have to stop there. It can truly be a way of life and change your perspective in your day. But it begins only when you deny self and make much of God.

"Then David said to the whole assembly, "Praise the LORD your God." So they all praised the LORD, the God of their fathers; they bowed low and fell prostrate before the LORD and the king."
1 Chronicles 29:20
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  1. Love!! Thankyou for this reminder! So encouraged by your words! Love you!


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