Tuesday, April 5

Free Art Friday coming This Friday!

Free Art Friday begins today!!!!! To be able to be eligible, you have to be follower of Joy Treasure either through Facebook or through Twitter, Yahoo or google. Directions for joining the blog are in the sidebar.

To win a paintingIf you are already a follower of Joy Treasure, you do have to write your name in the comment of this post if you want me to put your name in the bowl. Otherwise I will not know you are interested in winning the painting. Simply go to the comment section of this post and write your name. I will take all the names in the post and put them in a bowl and will draw them on Friday morning. You can only sign your name once in this post.

You have TWO chances to win this week!
Free Art Friday will be open from 9am today and run through 9pm Thursday April 7th. After that it's over! I will let my son draw the names out of the bowl. I have two paintings size 8x8 that you can place on a table in a small easel.
Free Art Friday begins now!

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  1. Hey Ashley, I read your blog but it is now official. . . I AM A FOLLOWER!!!
    Deena Agee

  2. I would love some of your art in my Texas home!! Miss you and HSBC

    Jill Harris

  3. I think I did what I needed to do to be an official follower. Would love original artwork!! Thanks for writing and sharing!

    Penny Flowers

  4. Pick me! Pick me! I would love to win!

  5. Hope my name gets picked, I would love a piece of your art in my home.

    I enjoyed the praise and worship at GNO last night. The songs you selected fit perfect with Brenda's message. Must have been a God thing.

    Judy West

  6. Julie Choat. "Sam, pick me pick me"!!!;)

  7. Hi Ashley,

    I would love to have a piece of you artwork...that would be such a blessing!

    Connie Tsimpides

  8. Hey Ashley,

    Tell Sam to pick me!!! :) I would love a piece of your art.

    Karen Royal


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