Thursday, April 7

Free Art Friday- Remember and Rejoice

Hey friends!
Thanks to everyone who placed their name in the post. I LOVED hearing from you all! Thank you!!!
Sorry I didn't get to post the pics earlier today. Here they are now- pics of the TWO pieces of art I'm giving away in the morning. Hope you all enjoy!

First piece my son will draw in the am: Remember

Second piece of art my son will draw: Rejoice

I give away art to encourage believers in their walk with the LORD. My prayer is that each time you look at a piece of  my art you would meditate on the love, forgiveness and joy in Jesus Christ!

 Blessings to you all and Happy early Friday!!! Thanks to EVERYONE who commented for Free Art Friday!  See you in the am at 9am!

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  1. Wow! I am so honored to be able to recieve one of your orginal art works. THANKS!! Penny

  2. Congrats Penny! I will get it to you this week!

  3. Ashley,

    I cannot believe I won!!!! I am SOOOOO happy!!!! I love it!!!! I will cherish it always!!

    Thanks so much Sam...:)


  4. Congrats Connie! I pray you enjoy it and that the painting will always bring you to remember and rejoice over all that Christ has done for us!
    I'll tell Sam what you said!


I love to hear from you! Thanks for talking back!!

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