Tuesday, April 19

Free Art Friday This Friday!

Thinking about the cross and the resurrection- the reason I have for living! We sing this song in choir and I find myself just bursting out singing this phrase from time to time. This is on my mind a lot this week so I wanted to remind you all of the joy we have in Christ Jesus and to be thankful for ALL He has given us through the finished work of the cross.

This painting will be given away Friday morning, April 22nd at 9:30am to followers of the Joy Treasure blog. (You can join Joy Treasure through face book, twitter, yahoo and google. See the sidebars on how to join the blog.)

Followers interested in being a part of this Free Art Friday need to leave their name in the comment box below this post.Simply open this post 's comment page below, write your name in the comment box. Follow the instructions as the comment box prompts you. Free Art Friday begins TODAY, April 19th at 9am and will run through Thursday April 21st 9pm. My son has been drawing the names out of a bowl Friday morning.
This is my appreciation to those who follow the blog and support the blogging ministry of Joy Treasure.  Joy 2 U!
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  1. Ashley, this is a beautiful painting! I LOVE the one we have of yours on the fruit of the Spirit. It's now haning in Abigail's room. She claimed it the moment we pulled it out of the box! :-) I am planning on taking a picture of it and blogging about it very soon (and will encourage others to follow your blog.) I already have posts through Easter planned, but will do this hopefully next week.

    Love to you~


  2. Love this painting! I'm sooo thankful for u, Ashley!!

  3. Carrie Bates

  4. Ashley,

    Thanks for all of the encouragement! I just love your blog.

    Carrie Bates

  5. I love all the artwork that you have done and posted pictures of! Please enter me into the latest Free Art Friday drawing!


  6. Very sweet painting! We love your artwork and hearing you sing at church! It is great to see how you are using the talents God gave you to glorify Him. Happy Easter. (Les Harper sent me :) )

    - Holly

  7. Ashley you are such a blessing!!!Love the painting and would love to have it in my home.....Judy West

  8. This is wonderful, Ashley!! Happy Easter!!! I can't wait till Sunday!!!

  9. Ashley, this is amazing! I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter. Carol

  10. As always, your painting is beautiful. You have been gifted with amazing talent! I would be honored to have this displayed in my home.

    Jennifer Crawley!

  11. Thanks to everyone who entered this week's Free Art Friday. You are truly a blessing to me! Thanks for supporting the bloggins ministry of Joy Treasure. Keep trying. Free Art Friday will continue next week!
    Blessings to you all!


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