Tuesday, December 28

The World's Joy

Hi friends! I have had a much needed break from blogging but not by my own choice. I am currently recovering from a nasty sinusitis. Yep, during Christmas I was ill. Couldn't taste a thing on Christmas day. Ughh! And I didn't feel like opening my computer one bit and I didn't!!!!!

I had taken this picture right before Christmas and was going to blog about it but it didn't happen. Thought it was too good to pass by so here are some thoughts about it.

Webster's Dictionary says this about the noun joy: "the emotion evoked by well being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires: DELIGHT.
The verb joy says this: To experience great pleasure or delight.

So the McDonald's bag goes along with the noun definition of joy- the McCafe coffee is what I want to possess and it will bring me the emotion of joy when I taste the "magic little beans." Right! Well kind of but not really. This is how the world thinks of joy. Yes, there are many things I "enjoy" in life. I enjoy a cup of coffee, a new haircut, time with my family and friends, and a nice warm bowl of comfort food .But the joy that a believer possesses is way better than the worldly definition of joy. Think about it, the coffee I drink from McDonald's becomes empty. Then I need more of it. So it leads me to an endless trek on possessing things I desire. A joy that is unattainable because it has to be possessed over and over again.

The Greek word for joy is Chara  and it usually comes after a great sorrow. Holman's Key Bible Words says this, "The great sorrow heightens the sense of happiness." (pg. 314) A stark contrast to the world right!

Joy in Jesus is forever. It doesn't have to be refilled. But it does have to be treasured. Because the world doesn't have this kind of joy they look for things to make them 'happy' that give them 'delight' only to find they never fill. They need more.

I am reminded of the scene in "Narnia" when Peter ( I think that was his name) is welcomed into the Snow Queens sleigh where she offers him "Turkish Delights." His eyes dance at the sight of them. He takes a bite and eats them- all of them. He is not satisfied by one. There the desire to have them again begins. His desire to possess them again leads him to sneak into the Queen's castle where he falls into a trap. He then finds the Turkish delights don't bring him delight. They enslave him. His desire to possess them leads him to become enslaved by the Queen.

That's the joy of the things of this world. Things we desire to possess only leave our hearts hungry.... aching for more. They never fill. They can even enslave us. The new shirt gets old. The delectable meal gets eaten. The dream vacation comes to an end. But the joy of Jesus is forever. Always there. Always with us.
Praise God for His forever joy!
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