Monday, December 13

Keeping Christ in Christmas- Dec. 12- Singing About Jesus with Others

One of the things I look forward to every December is singing with the choir at my church. We sang three services this morning and had around 150 members singing praises to Jesus how awesome it was! I wish you all could've been there! We got started early at 7:20am. Had to put our choir robes on and find a seat! Warmed up our voices and then headed upstairs to the sanctuary to sing.

Some of my fellow 1st soprano’s!

                         Ready to praise Jesus!

I always love this Poinsettia tree in the foyer of my church. Wanted to share it with you today. Isn't is gorgeous!

Singing with other believers every Christmas is another way I keep Christ in Christmas. This was my 22nd year to sing Christmas music in a church choir. I'm not counting the preschool years! (He He!) I'm so thankful I get to praise Jesus with other believers in one accord. I can't imagine Christmas without singing in choir. All of us together in one accord worshipping the LORD.......... makes me think of heaven.
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