Monday, December 6

Keeping Christ in Christmas- Dec. 6- Thoughts about Santa Claus

A friend of mine was talking about this article a few days ago. I went on John Piper's website,, and read it. Very good thoughts about Santa. Some I haven't really thought about. Would LOVE to know what you, the readers of Joy Treasure think about what Noel Piper has to say about Santa Claus.

Thinking About Santa: "Thinking About Santa from the Desiring God blog."
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  1. Hi Ashley! We decided not to include Santa in our Christmas celebration. I do not regret it one bit. I listen to shocked friends recounting stories of their kids asking if "Santa brought baby Jesus gifts on Christmas too" and looking at a nativity scene and asking where Santa is. Are you shocked really that you kids are more interested in the jolly old guy with gifts than the baby laying in the manger? They just can't discern between the two stories at a young age. It all gets muddled together. I loved when my daughter was 2 we were walking into a restaurant where Santa was set up and she excitedly exclaimed "Look Mommy! It's Noah!". heehee

    Anyway, we celebrate by giving the kids gifts - 3 each. We say if 3 was good enough for Jesus it is good enough for them :) By just having a few gifts we put lots of thought and love in each one which makes them special. We also have a 1 gift from the grandparents rule (gasp). We told the grands that if they want to spoil them they are welcome to . . . on their grandchild's birthday. Christmas is about Jesus not them. My oldest who is almost 5 has such a clear and precious understanding about Christmas. She is genuinely SO EXCITED about Jesus's Birthday!

    I think that the Enemy is crafty and creative. He would love nothing more than to take the focus off of the birth of our Savior and put it on a fun, jolly gift giver. I don't think Santa is bad I just don't want him to steal the glory of Christ at Christmas. Let's be honest that is exactly what he does!

    It does take a lot of effort to keep Santa out and the excitement about Jesus in Christmas. We are constantly being asked "what is Santa bringing" or even 2 weeks after Christmas what Santa brought. We have learned to smile and say "We don't celebrate Santa we celebrate Jesus!" I could go on and on about this - can you tell?

  2. Meghan! What a WONDERFUL surprise to see you and read your post!!!! Your family is so beautiful. I enjoyed reading your blog. I have to tell you I really loved how you said, "I don't want Satan to steal the glory of Christ at Christmas." Wow! I could not have said it better myself. I also thought your gift giving on Christmas was spot on! Jesus got three gifts and that was good enough for Him. GREAT idea and I think very purposeful. It would seem to me that receiving three gifts would also make each child appreciate each one too. So many times kids get tired of a toy and then toss it to the side. I love how you ended on answering the tough questions about Santa that people ask you. I think that can be hard because those questions are everywhere. Thanks for giving Joy Treasure readers some practical advice on how your conviction has led your family to place Christ truly at the center of Christmas. It was very encouraging to me.


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