Saturday, December 4

Keeping Christ in Christmas-Dec. 4-Light of the World

Everyone likes Christmas lights- especially when they are hung outside. To gaze at their brilliant beauty sparkle into the December nights warms the hearts of all ages. Strings of lights from town halls, to department stores, city streets and homes remind me of the night the light of the world was welcomed from the heavenly place into the humble manger. Oh, to be in that manger, to see baby Jesus light up the hearts of his earthly father and mother on that glorious night. What Mary must have been pondering in her heart as she gazed upon God in the flesh in her arms.

One of the questions I've been pondering is, "Why do I hang lights outside my home every Christmas?' Is it just for fun, to make my house look good, or does it remind me of the greatest light that ever came into this world- Jesus? You may think I am over thinking these blog posts and even Christmas, but am I?  Are we really preparing our hearts to worship Jesus this Christmas season or are we blending in like everyone else?

This weekend I hope to be hanging Christmas lights around our front door. The reason lights aren't up is because we have a new front door. The door needs one more coat of black paint and if weather permits, we'll be done and can then hang the Christmas lights up. But to answer my question, I hang lights for all three reasons. They are fun, my house looks inviting at Christmas, but most of all they remind me that the light of Jesus came to bring light to a dark world.

John 8:12 says,"Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

So as you hang lights outside, see lights while you are driving, or at home gazing at the lights on your tree; take time to thank Jesus for shedding His light in your heart and for the light of His Holy word. Praise God! He has not left us without His light.

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