Thursday, December 9

Keeping Christ in Christmas- Dec. 10- Creating a Manger Scene

So I thought I would share with you my manger scene. I am so excited about it because I took what I had and didn’t spend any money on it. YAY!!! It was all things I had in my home.  
I thought I would get a little creative this year and what I came up with was a manger scene I absolutely cherish- so does my family! Hope you enjoy it and can consider ways you too can make a manger scene in your home to remember the birth of Jesus- Our Redeemer.!

When my son was born, one of my friends gave me the coolest gift for his first Christmas. It was these blocks. They were handmade. I LOVED it. Each year the manger blocks have been in my son’s room, but this year he said I could share it so we did. He loves looking at it every morning when he walks downstairs.

I was trying to elevate the angel so I used one of my candle pedestals to elevate the angel above Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

The Three Wise men!!!! And the donkey.

I think its coming together! The manger needs a sky background.

Let's see what I have?

I can paint a background with a leftover canvas I have in my art studio!

Waaaalah!!!! I Love it! It’s what I want to remember every day of the Christmas Season- to place my thoughts on the birth of Jesus and what it means to my life!

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  1. Love it! So thankful you posted a picture of it after telling me about it.


  2. So glad you dropped by Penny! Really glad you like it!


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